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3 Units Set - 1 Liquid Dispensor Brush, 1 Shoe Eraser, 1 Shoes Cleaning Wipes 80 Pc
One button press to dispense liquid, the brush head can store a certain capacity of laundry detergent inside, cover the lid and press the button behind the laundry detergent can flow out automatically, press to stop the laundry detergent will not flow out. The amount of laundry detergent is controlled to avoid waste and the problem of not finding the detergent.
This sneaker cleaner quick wipes provide a faster, more powerful, and most convenient way to clean your shoes whenever you needs. Just simply wipe your shoes with this, need no water and tissue, your shoes will be totally refreshed.
The softer and smoother you swipe, the easier the marks come off; Avoid rubbing or adding pressure for better results Effective Pocket-Size Design - Unique dual-layer technology, powerful micro-scrubbers, and proprietary cleaning formula designed to remove tough marks, scuffs, and dirt on any sole
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